Why do we offer cooking classes for children?

"First of all, I think that education in taste is important, from a very young age. Indeed, the act of cooking and tasting educates the brain. Whatever the customs or eating habits of the family, it is important to cook with your children. Later, as adults, they will remember the tastes and flavors of their childhood and will enjoy cooking, tasting and passing them on in turn. Likewise, if our children are accustomed to eating industrial dishes, they will remember it later and will not necessarily like our “grandmother’s” dishes.

In addition, I think that cooking can be fun for children and that is why since the summer of 2019, I have been offering cooking classes exclusively intended for them, on Thursdays during school holidays.

Finally, I also like to meet children in their schools to give a lesson in taste. I like to introduce them to seasonal vegetables and fruits: they touch them, look at them, smell them and taste them. They learn to discover with their 5 senses. And parents who accompany their children to cooking workshops have asked me several times “but when do you do the same thing for us adults?” ". I am delighted to pass on my knowledge and my passion, to young and old alike!”